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Why You Should Schedule Your Next Dental Appointment

Often, patients experience dental anxiety when scheduling their upcoming dental appointments. In addition to dental anxiety, many of our patients have been left wondering if it is safe to see a dentist following the coronavirus pandemic. We want to assure you that you are in good hands at The Stein Center for Advanced Dentistry. Here is why you should schedule your next dental appointment as soon as possible.

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Dental Concerns only get worse over time

While some minor health concerns will go away on their own, dental concerns do not. Tooth decay, oral abscesses, or untreated jaw pain only progress into larger issues if left untreated. Often, dental concerns progress into dental emergencies like tooth pain or discomfort. The worst part is that most dental concerns can come about with little to no noticeable early-stage symptoms. It’s important that you schedule your next dental appointment to be seen by a professional dentist. Your dentist will be able to take a closer look at your smile and catch smaller dental concerns early on. This ensures that any minor cavities, plaque buildups, or dental damages are treated promptly before they are given the chance to develop into something bigger.

Preventative Care saves time and money

We recommend scheduling a preventative care appointment at least once every six months. Being seen by a professional dentist frequently can actually save you time and money later on. As we have already noted, dental concerns only get worse over time. If they progress too far, they can cause issues like gum disease, dental damage, or even tooth loss. Restorative dentistry options are available to help you revitalize your smile, but they are often more costly and require several trips to the dentist’s office. Dental cleanings and exams are often far less invasive and more comfortable experiences for patients than more complex restorative procedures. While we are happy to help you with any of your dental needs, we know many of our patients prefer efficient and thorough dental cleanings over dental emergencies that require restorative work.

Patient Safety is our priority

Our office has always exceeded the health and safety guidelines put in place by the ADA, OSHA and local governing bodies, and our plan is to continue doing so. The dentists and staff of the Stein Center for Advanced Dentistry are committed to the safety and overall wellness of our patients. You will notice changes in our office from the time you enter the waiting room, all of which are designed and in place to protect you and our staff from the spread of infection. This includes the requirement that all patients will have their temperature and pulse ox taken upon arrival and be asked to complete a brief screening questionnaire. To get to know our new patient safety protocols, please continue reading here. We look forward to seeing you soon.