Missing Teeth Skokie, IL

tooth replacement in Skokie Illinois

At The Stein Center for Advanced Dentistry, Dr. Abraham Stein and Dr. Zachary Weiss are committed to helping patients find the best solutions for their dental needs. Dr. Stein is a decorated restorative dentist in Skokie, IL, who offers advanced solutions for many restorative dental concerns, including missing teeth. If you are missing one or more teeth and would like to find a tooth replacement solution for your smile, visit our office for the care you need.

During your dental visit, we will assess your smile, review your oral history, and explore all viable treatment options. We strive to provide only the most relevant recommendations to your unique issue. We will build a comprehensive treatment plan that is tailored to your smile goals, addresses your missing teeth, and improves your dental health for the long-term.

Why Should I Replace Missing Teeth?

Patients can experience tooth loss for a range of different reasons. For instance, some patients may lose their teeth due to dental trauma, periodontal disease, tooth damage, tooth decay, or health reasons. Understanding the underlying cause of tooth loss is key to restoring your smile and reducing the risk of future tooth loss. Our team will assess your teeth, gums, and jaw bone to determine which tooth replacement solution is right for you.

When a tooth is lost, the neighboring teeth may begin to shift. Not only can this lead to crooked teeth, but it can also affect the way you chew and speak. In advanced cases, tooth loss can also lead to bone tissue loss in the jaw. When the bone underneath the teeth deteriorate, it can result in facial sagging and difficulties chewing and speaking.  In order for the jaw to remain intact, it needs to be stimulated on a regular basis, and when a tooth is lost, the bone underneath that tooth is no longer stimulated.

What Are My Treatment Options For Missing Teeth?

As an experienced prosthodontist in Skokie, IL. Dr. Stein is highly skilled in the replacement of missing teeth. He takes a personalized approach to patient care to ensure that each of our patients is receiving a treatment plan that is specially designed to meet their dental needs.

To determine which tooth replacement option will best suit your needs, we will perform a complete dental examination. During the exam, we will assess the overall health and function of the gums, jaw bone, and remaining teeth using advanced dental technology, such as the intra-oral camera, cone beam imaging, and panoramic x-rays. Our goal is to gain a comprehensive view of your mouth in order to determine which tooth replacement solution is right for you.

After your examination, we may recommend one of the following solutions to replace your missing teeth:

To learn more about your tooth replacement options, visit The Stein Center for Advanced Dentistry for a consultation. Give us a call at 847.920.4747 or schedule a dental visit online today. We accept most major dental insurance plans, and provide multiple financing options to ensure you receive the dental care you deserve.