Meet Skokie, IL Dentist Technology

The Stein Center for Advanced Dentistry offers comfortable and comprehensive dental care in the Skokie, IL, area to patients of all ages. Dr. Abraham Stein and Dr. Zachary Weiss use modern technology to offer the best possible patient experience and more predictable results. Dr. Stein, Dr. Weiss, and their team pride themselves on providing high-quality treatment. Learn more about the technology used at the Stein Center below.

Our Dental Technology in Skokie, IL

Technology at the Stein Center for Advanced Dentistry

Digital Impressions

Also known as 3D intraoral scanning, digital impressions are used to make replicas of the mouth. Our dentists use a wand-like tool that is connected to a computer to create a virtual model of the mouth. Digital impressions do not require traditional mold material, which can be messy and cumbersome. This technology also accurately scans your teeth so that restorations can be crafted from them.

3D Printing

This technology requires a scan of teeth that is used to digitally generate a 3D model of teeth. Clear aligners or night guards can also be created in a shorter amount of time with 3D printing for patients who need treatment. Resin is often used in 3D printing as it blends in with teeth for a more natural look.

CT Scan

Dental cone beam computed tomography (CT) is a type of x-ray machine that is used to create 3D images of the mouth. A CT scan can provide a more detailed picture of nerve pathways, soft tissues, and bone than traditional x-rays. CT scans are used in dental diagnosis and help dentists find problem areas in the mouth.

Same Day Dental Crowns: in-office milling

Our dentists are able to design, create and place a high-quality ceramic dental crown or restoration using CAD/CAM technology. Digital impressions are used to ultimately produce a custom crown, inlay or onlay that is immediately placed. This is ideal for many patients needing a dental crown, a replacement crown, or another type of ceramic restoration.

For Your Comfort

We offer massage chairs, blue tooth headphones, and other amenities for your comfort during dental treatment in our Skokie, IL office. Our aim is to provide a relaxing and welcoming environment for patients that are free from stress or anxiety.

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