Good Snacks vs. Bad Snacks

Healthy Snacks for a Healthy Smile

If you are struggling with snacking right now, you aren’t alone. Many of our patients often ask us about which snacks they should and should not be eating. As your trusted dentist in Skokie, IL, we wanted to help you navigate the world of snacking from your teeth’s perspective. Here is a list of snacks to avoid, followed by a list of snacks that are smile-friendly.

Bad Snacks:

  • Soda – Soda is very bad for your dental health as well as your overall health. It contains high amounts of sugar, which stick to your teeth and cause plaque or tartar buildup. Even sugar-free carbonated beverages are bad for your teeth because they contain unhelpful acids that negatively impact your tooth enamel. Additionally, soda contains staining agents that are known to leave your teeth discolored and dull.
  • Candy – Candy is also something to avoid for the sake of your dental health. Chewy or sour candies contain high amounts of sugars that are coated in a sticky residue, which remains on your teeth long after you finish eating them.
  • Potato Chips – Potato chips are a crunchy snack that causes a variety of issues with your smile. If you have a TMJ disorder, crunchy snacks can be hard on your mouth muscles and can lead to jaw pain. Additionally, potato chips contain harmful starches and sugars which feed the harmful bacteria on your smile.

Smile-Friendly Snacks:

  • Apple Slices – If you are struggling with a sweet tooth, apple slices are a great snack for you. They contain a variety of natural sugars and acids while still being good for your smile. This is because apples are packed with nutrients, vitamins, and fiber which help your body fight against infections and gum disease. Follow up your apple slices with a glass of water to wash away any residue leftover on your teeth, and this snack is smile-approved.
  • Yogurt – Yogurt contains high amounts of calcium and probiotics, which help keep your smile healthy and strong. Additionally, yogurt is full of good bacteria and alter the pH balance of your mouth to make it more difficult for harmful bacteria to set up shop.
  • Cheese – Stringed cheese, sticks of cheese, or cubed cheese… it doesn’t matter to us. We think cheese is a great snack for your teeth. It is full of calcium and proteins to keep your teeth strong. It helps neutralize any acids on your teeth to protect enamel. Additionally, it is easy on your teeth unlike potato chips and candies which are crunchier and more likely to cause tooth damage.

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