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DuSable Museum of African American History

If you’re in Chicago, you’re probably familiar with the DuSable Museum of African American History. Founded in 1961 by Margaret Taylor-Burroughs and her husband Charles Burroughs, the museum has been dedicated to the study and preservation of African-American culture and art. In addition to Taylor-Burroughs, the museum’s other founders include Bernard Goss, Eugene Feldman, and Marian M. Hadley. The museum is located at 740 E 56th Pl, Chicago, IL 60637.

The DuSable Museum of African American History Chicago is located on Chicago’s South Side. The museum is named for Haitian Jean Baptiste Point DuSable, who founded a trading post and later a permanent settlement in the city. In addition to housing a unique collection of art, the museum also offers educational programs and exhibits. A visit to the DuSable Museum of African American History Chicago IL will leave you with a new appreciation for the history of African Americans in the city.

A visit to the museum is not complete without viewing the acclaimed Freedom, Resistance, and the Journey Toward Equality exhibition. It takes visitors through the struggles of the African American community and the Civil Rights Movement, which led to the 1965 Voting Rights Act. In March, the museum commemorated the 50th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday,” when civil rights activists marched peacefully from Selma to Montgomery. State troopers attacked them, beating them and using bullwhips and clubs. Some even fired tear gas.

The museum’s permanent collection is always expanding, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Margaret Taylor Burroughs and her team. Today, the museum features an impressive collection of African-American art from all genres. The museum also offers regular special exhibits. This is an ideal museum for children, as it will teach them about African-American history and culture. There is a wealth of information to be had here.

The DuSable Museum of African American History was founded in 1961 by Margaret Taylor-Burroughs and prominent Chicago citizens. The museum’s mission is to preserve and promote the culture and achievements of African Americans. The museum’s collection currently stands at over 15,000 pieces. There are also special exhibitions and lectures that highlight historical events, works by influential artists, and works from the collections on loan. You can even learn about the history of Chicago from the museum’s archive.

The DuSable Museum of African American History is located in Chicago, Illinois, and is the oldest independent African American history museum in the country. The museum offers permanent exhibitions, a vast archive, education programs, and outreach programs. In addition to serving more than 100,000 visitors annually, the museum provides vital general operating support and educational programs. There are a variety of different ways to contribute to this nonprofit organization.

Free admission is available on the first full weekend of each month during regular hours. However, this special offer does not apply to special exhibitions and fundraising events. All visitors must present a photo ID or an authorized debit or credit card to gain free admission. The free admission offer is not transferable and does not guarantee entrance. During special exhibitions and fundraising events, the museum’s admission fee is higher than that of other museums in Chicago.