Dentist Highland Park, IL

The Stein Center for Advanced Dentistry is a full service dental office currently welcoming new patients from Highland Park, IL. Our team of highly skilled dental professionals offers many services including routine dental care, cosmetic dental treatments and solutions for complex dental concerns. Dr. Zachary Weiss and Dr. Abraham Stein are both highly trained and experienced dentists who are committed to their patients and their oral health. Their goal is help each patient achieve optimal oral health, transform their smile into one they love and help maintain a lifelong healthy smile.

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Family Dental Practice

Stein Center for Advanced Dentistry is a dentist office that offers family dentistry, meaning we treat patients of all ages. We emphasize the importance of bringing your child in for regular dental visits after their primary teeth erupt. In doing this, our dental team can monitor the development of your child’s teeth, ensuring normal development. If dental problems are discovered, we can intervene immediately, offering treatment to prevent complex problems. This will also help establish a lifelong oral hygiene routine.

Seeing a family dentist means you only need to make one trip to the dentist twice a year. All members of your family can be seen in just one visit. This is not only convenient for you, but can also ease some of the fear your child may feel by being seen by the same dentist as you.

Routine Dental Care

At the heart of our practice is general dentistry. The ultimate goal is to prevent dental problems from developing by seeing our patients twice a year. During these dentist appointments you will:

  • Receive a comprehensive oral exam
  • Be screened for dental cavities, gum disease and oral cancer
  • Receive a thorough teeth cleaning
  • When necessary, we also offer patient education, x-rays, and fluoride treatments

If your dentist discovers a dental concern such as a tooth cavity or the beginning stages of gum disease, they will recommend prompt care. Early intervention is when treatment is most conservative and will prevent the problem from progressing.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

We offer many cosmetic dentistry treatments for our patients that are unhappy with the appearance of their smile. Uneven, misshapen, crooked or discolored teeth can be corrected with a customized smile makeover plan. After a consultation, Dr. Weiss or Dr. Stein will recommend the cosmetic treatments they feel you need to attain the smile you want. This may involve one or several of the following cosmetic dental treatments:

Treatment for Complex Dental Problems

Dr. Abraham E. Stein is an experienced prosthodontist specializing in replacing missing and damaged teeth. The Stein Center for Advanced Dentistry offers all services for dental implants, the number one recommended solution for lost teeth. Dr. Stein has undergone advanced implant training and is recognized as a top implant dentist.

Tooth damage can occur for many reasons; most commonly though it is from tooth decay, gum disease, poor oral hygiene habits and bite disorders. We offer many treatments in addition to teeth implants to address damaged and missing teeth. Learn more about the treatments we use to treat complex dental problems:

Currently Welcoming New Patients

As a full service dentist office that treats patients of all ages, we attract patients near and far. We are currently welcoming patients from Highland Park, IL to schedule their first dentist appointment with Dr. Weiss or Dr. Stein. To schedule an appointment, call 847-750-3125 or you can request an appointment online.

In addition to Highland Park, we are also welcoming patients from Evanston and Northbrook to visit our Skokie, IL dentist office.