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How To Manage Dental Fear

Dental fear affects patients of all ages. It can even affect patients who, in the past, have had no issue with visiting the dentist. In all cases, it is important to understand where your fear stems from so that you and your dentist can develop a plan that not only allows you to feel comfortable throughout your visit but also allows you to get the care you need. In this post, we will explore some simple tips you can use to manage your dental fear.

Tips To Manage Dental Fear

Bring a friend to your appointment: Are you nervous about your visit? Bring someone you can trust to support you. Sometimes having a familiar face around can help you feel less anxious during your appointment.

Learn about your treatment: Knowing everything there is to know about your treatment plan can help put you at ease. Be sure to ask your dentist questions and go through each step of your treatment plan, so you know what to expect. A great dentist will make sure that each of their patients understands all phases of their care and answers any questions that their patient may have.

See if sedation dentistry is right for you: For patients with dental fear and anxiety, sedation dentistry may be the solution you’ve been searching for.  Sedation is ideal for patients with crippling dental anxiety or patients who need multiple procedures in one visit. Talk to your dentist to explore your sedation options. Our team of professionals can perform a film evaluation and help you find the right sedation option for your smile.

Managing Dental Fear in Skokie, IL

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